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IDEAL Staff Advisory Committee Updates

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The IDEAL Staff Advisory Committee is working on many initiatives and projects in partnership with university leaders. Here are updates about our work. 

Current Projects and Initiatives

Our current areas of focus include:

  • Spring 2022: 
    • A series of strategic alignment sessions with university leaders will take place in May and June. Over 300 Stanford leaders will participate and focus on the university’s DEI vision, strategic framework and expectations for change. The sessions are designed for senior leaders who are expected to demonstrate their commitment and take action in their schools, units, or departments to forge positive change, so that all staff feel a sense of belonging and are able to contribute their best without fear of racism or discrimination.
    • The IDEAL Learning Journey launched in mid-March, and several thousand staff have begun the experience, which starts with self-paced learning and then transitions to action-focused workshops. Learn more on The IDEAL Learning Journey website.
    • The Inclusive Talent Acquisition (ITA) Program is kicking off with planning sessions during spring. A set of practices and tools will be provided to all schools and units to improve the overall candidate experience for staff positions. For the schools and units in the "deep dive" first wave, a suite of services, training and tools will be provided. This program expects to transform the recruiting and hiring process by bringing more diverse candidates into staff positions at Stanford, and supporting them throughout their first year to ensure they feel connected and part of our community.