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Job Descriptions

Job descriptions help you see how your job fits within the university as you plan and navigate your Stanford career.

Job descriptions are developed by the University Human Resources Staff Compensation Team, in partnership with HR managers and school/unit managers. Each job description includes the job title, grade, and exemption status.

View Job Description Library (authentication required)

NOTE: Only Stanford University users with active SUNet ID's can view the Job Description Library.


Understanding the Job Description Library

Screenshot of Job Description template

The table below explains job descriptions, job series and job families in greater detail. Your job description, along with over 500 other staff job descriptions, can be viewed in the online Job Description Library (available only to current Stanford employees).

It is not expected that all job duties or unique aspects of a job will be reflected in the job description, and job descriptions are not "laundry lists" of tasks. Based on the work needing to be performed, the job description to which you are matched should fit about 70 percent or more of your current job duties.

You may notice that some job descriptions have a number at the end of the job title; e.g., "1" or "2." This means there is more than one job in that job series. A job title with a "2" does not mean that it is the same grade as another job title with a "2." For example, the Accountant 2 is not the same grade as an Administrative Associate 2.

Job descriptions Job series Job family

Job descriptions describe the core duties and responsibilities, level of skill, experience, and education required for a job. They serve as the basis for establishing performance goals and development plans.

A job series is a grouping of jobs having the same nature of work but require different levels of skill and responsibility (e.g., entry-level vs. senior level).

A job family consists of one or more job series. There are 22 job families containing over 100 individual job series.