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Health & Wellness

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Our high-quality health care and life insurance options are as diverse as the Stanford workforce, and reflective of their needs.

Medical Plans

Stanford’s medical plans for active employees have two types of fee structures. Each type of plan is compatible with a tax-advantaged savings or spending account you may use to pay for eligible medical expenses.

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Plans with a Copay

You pay a fixed fee when you use services. For services to be covered, you must stay “in network.”

Kaiser HMO | Stanford Health Care Alliance | Trio


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Plans with a Deductible

You pay the cost of your services until you meet a deductible and then the plan begins to share the costs with “co-insurance.” You can see any provider but will save more when you stay “in network.”

Healthcare + Savings | ACA Basic High Deductible

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Dental & Vision Plans

Delta Dental Plans

We provide a choice of two Delta Dental plans to meet your family’s needs. Compare coverage and costs for services.

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Vision Plan

Health plans cover basic eye exams. For more eye care benefits, including coverage for glasses and contacts, consider adding the VSP plan to your coverage.

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Health Savings & Spending Accounts

Health Savings Account (HSA)

When you are enrolled in the Healthcare + Savings Plan or ACA Basic High Deductible plan you can reimburse yourself for eligible medical expenses with your before-tax dollars and, if eligible, a university contribution.

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Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Set aside before-tax dollars to pay for eligible medical expenses through a health care FSA. Stanford also provides a dependent day care FSA limited to expenses related to dependent care.

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Life & Accident Insurance

Basic & Supplemental Life Insurance

As a Stanford employee, you are automatically enrolled in basic life insurance. You can purchase supplemental life insurance for yourself or a dependent.

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Critical Illness Insurance

An unexpected medical event could be costly. We offer an optional benefit to ease the burden of expenses not typically covered by health or disability plans.

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Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

In addition to life insurance, AD&D can be an effective way to purchase substantial amounts of additional coverage at a reasonable cost, using before-tax dollars.

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Get personalized wellness services and take a variety of wellness classes while earning financial incentives and exclusive perks.

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Mental health coverage is essential to you and your family’s overall wellness, so Stanford provides a unique “non-network benefit” through its health plans. Plus, you have access to the Faculty Staff Help Center.

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Traveling & Working Abroad

Traveling Abroad

Learn what your medical plan will cover when you travel internationally.

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Stanford Benefits Travel Checklist

Actions you should take before you leave home. 

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Cigna Short-Term International Plan

If you are on U.S. payroll but plan to work abroad for 180 days or less, you can temporarily enroll in this plan.

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