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Medical Plans

Choosing and personalizing your benefits depends on your specific health care needs, doctor preferences, budget, lifestyle and if you live in the plan's service area.

We offer you and your dependents a range of medical plan options. To learn more:

  1. Use our comparison tool to compare medical plans and costs.
  2. View the contribution rate chart for: full-time and part-time employees
  3. View a more detailed estimate on your total out-of-pocket costs based on data you input with the Health Plan Evaluator.
    Access this tool via the My Benefits page and authentication is required.
  4. Browse the five medical plan summaries below or watch the overview video.
  5. When you get medical care you should receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that details the services and costs. Review the EOB regularly to ensure you are being charged appropriately. If you have questions or find an error, contact your health plan to have it resolved.
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Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

The Kaiser Permanente HMO plan provides patient services, hospitalization, supplies and prescription drugs through its own network of doctors, hospitals and other Kaiser-affiliated health care facilities. The Kaiser HMO is available in California only and you must reside in the plan's service area to enroll.

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Stanford Health Care Alliance (SHCA)

The SHCA plan is a select network health plan in which Stanford Health Care physicians and affiliated providers in multiple specialties take responsibility for working together to carefully coordinate and deliver your care. This is a regional health plan and you must reside in the plan's service area to enroll.

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Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

The EPO plan is a comprehensive medical plan that covers only in-network providers and facilities. You pay a co-payment at the point of service and the university covers the remaining costs. 

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Healthcare + Savings Plan

The Healthcare + Savings Plan works the same as the PPO plan, but there are no fixed copays with this plan.

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ACA Basic High-Deductible Health Plan

The ACA Basic High-Deductible Health Plan works the same as the Healthcare + Savings plan, but has higher out-of-pocket costs.