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Workshops & Guidance

We provide many resources to help you plan for your retirement. Sign up for one-on-one counseling with an investment provider, participate in a workshop, or watch an on-demand webinar to learn more about how your contributions and investments can meet your savings goals.

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Free Retirement Savings Workshops

We partner with respected financial advisors and retirement savings plan providers to offer free retirement and financial planning seminars and webinars. Learn from financial planning experts to refine your own retirement saving strategies.

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Individual Financial Counseling

Financial advisors from our investment counselors are available on campus to help you make investment decisions that will meet your financial goals. 

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Retirement and Your Next Stage of Life Workshop

We know that the retirement planning process can be overwhelming. This new five-week workshop provides a safe environment to explore your concerns and help you gain a holistic perspective on how to approach the next stage of life.

Retirement Videos and Presentation

View key information about Stanford's retirement savings options. Contact the University HR Service Team with any questions.

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Retirement Planning Guides

Download the Faculty or Staff Retirement Planning Guide to review the various benefits in retirement.

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Your Health Care Benefits in Retirement Workshops

These confidential workshops will walk you through health care benefits as a retiree.