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Eva Prionas


Years at Stanford



What is one fun fact about you?
I am the founder and president of a professional women’s organization and have enjoyed every minute of building community with women of different backgrounds, and working with them for great causes.

What is one thing that you like about working at Stanford?
Stanford is a unique place where you meet interesting people from all over the world. The exchange of ideas and different perspectives make Stanford an exciting place to work.
Tell us briefly about an event, project, program or initiative you were involved with at Stanford that you're most proud of.
I have been involved with exciting innovative technology projects that had a tremendous influence on the ways we teach our students. I am proud I had the opportunity to introduce innovations in the field of language teaching over the years.
What is one of your favorite memories while working at Stanford?
My students, including my son who took courses I taught, have created great memories during my 40 years at Stanford. Keeping in touch with my students has been a fantastic experience.
Leave your Legacy: What piece of guidance would you give a new hire at Stanford?
This is a place where you can keep learning and growing. Connect with individuals who share interests with you and get involved in activities you enjoy. Make sure to get out of your office and enjoy walks on campus.

Other Career Celebrations