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First steps

Before you apply for funding for your Cardinal at Work Cares for Teams project, make sure you’re part of the group prioritized for that cycle. You will be notified in advance if your group is selected. Also, you’ll want to get approval from the head of your department to organize a group volunteer experience. Inform your department head that:

  • The minimum group size is seven members (including the applicant). There is no maximum size for groups.
  • All participants must have safe and reliable transportation to group volunteer activities.
  • Your department is responsible for the service and/or cancellation fee to HOBA if it does not adhere to the two-week cancellation policy.
  • If your group includes students, they must have staff affiliation.
  • Your team activity will occur during standard work hours and will be treated as regular paid time.
  • Standard policies related to non-exempt employees, such as required rest breaks, meal periods, and overtime, apply during the activity.

Information you’ll need for the application

  • Name and contact info for the head of your department, who will be asked to approve your participation
  • Confirmed interest from your team
  • Volunteer opportunities your team is interested in
  • A brief statement of purpose about why your team is interested in this opportunity

Include everyone

  • Make sure that anyone on your team who wants to participate in the activity is invited to participate. Consider polling your team to ask which two or three activities appeal most to them.
  • If someone on your team has a known disability, make sure that their needs can be accommodated at the event site, that they will be able to do the activity, and that they will be able to get to the site without difficulty. If not, choose another activity for your group that everyone can do.
  • Some activities may be physically challenging, emotionally difficult, or triggering to some of your team members. When you talk with your team about choosing an activity, invite any team member to reach out to you if they are uncomfortable doing a chosen activity and listen to their concerns without judgment.

Deadline to apply and project duration

Applications are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. The winter application cycle is from Jan. 8 to Feb. 29, 2024, and the spring cycle is from Apr. 8 to May 30, 2024. Groups are expected to complete their volunteer activity within 7 to 10 weeks of their application being approved. 

Applicant notification

You can expect to receive an email from someone on the Cardinal at Work Cares team within one week from the date you submit your application.

If your application is accepted, you will receive further instructions about how to work with HOBA with other important details.