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Benefits for every age, 34 and younger

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Chris is age 28, and has worked at Stanford for two years. Here are all of the ways he takes advantage of programs at Stanford.

Commutes by bus using the free VTA Eco Pass, part of the Stanford Commute Club $300 (per year)
Plays golf at the championship Stanford Golf Course once a month $1,140 (per year)
Takes professional development and management training courses $800 (STAP reimbursement)
Works out at the Arrillaga Recreational Center, swims at the Avery Aquatic Center, and plays tennis or racquetball twice a week $800 (per year)
Uses Faculty/Staff Lunch plan for daily lunches at highly rated dining halls

$147 (per month)

Receives a discount on a personal cell phone $252 (per year)
Participates in the BeWell Employee Incentive Program with free health screening and advising, earning cash incentives

$480 (per year)

Is enrolled in the free identity theft program for employees

$240 (per year)

Receives free tickets to baseball, basketball, and volleyball games for participating in the BeWell employee incentive program Priceless

In your 20s and 30s, you value …

Your total compensation. As you carve out a place for yourself in the Stanford workforce, you realize your base pay is only the beginning. This tool shows you how all of your compensation and benefits really add up.

Access to career opportunities. Here, you can grow professionally and network with others in ways that are uniquely Stanford.

Understanding health insurance and what works for you. Stanford offers comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance, and we know there is a lot to consider in deciding what coverage is right for you. Luckily, we’ve created some resources to help.

Personal finance and retirement savings guidance. You may not have much for your retirement yet, but we can help you learn more about how retirement savings accounts work.

  • Learn about Stanford’s basic and matching contributions on the Start Saving for Retirement webpage
  • Sign up for a free workshop or one-on-one appointment with an advisor from Fidelity, TIAA or Vanguard from the Workshops & Guidance webpage

Wellness. Would you like discounted health and fitness classes, a free annual fitness assessment, free personal training sessions, free wellness workshops and free tickets to select Stanford athletics events? Of course! The BeWell program gives you access to personalized wellness support, an action plan tailored to your needs and incentives ranging from $100 to $780 to encourage you to be your best self.

Saving money. Take advantage of the incentives, discounts and “perks” that come with being affiliated with the university.

  • Pre-tax commuter transit benefits, free/discounted transportation programs and the Commute Club through Parking & Transportation help you save money and improve your commute
  • If you eat in campus dining halls, review the Faculty & Staff Meal Plan for discounts
  • If you own a cell phone, like to travel, ride a bike or want to make the most of the university’s amazing facilities, you should check out Stanford Sweeteners for dozens of other “sweet” perks

Time away from work. There are many reasons to set the Out Of Office message on your email: vacation, PTO, sick time, family leaves including maternity/paternity leave, 10 paid holidays each year, plus the annual winter closure each December.

Caring for your family. If you are starting a family or have parents who depend on your care, Stanford offers several types of support.

Flexible work arrangements. Depending on your role at Stanford, you might be able to work with your manager on a schedule that adjusts your workday start or end times to avoid peak traffic hours, or to occasionally work from home or from an alternative Stanford worksite.

Things Stanford pays for on your behalf. You may not want to think about unfortunate circumstances that may arise, but Stanford has you and your family covered, just in case.

Group rates on services you may need. Stanford occasionally works with providers to offer a la cart programs and services that you pay for, when you need them.

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