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Start the year with gratitude

We asked you what makes you feel most grateful when you think about your work and colleagues. Your responses highlight the importance of balance and connection at work.

Our Quick Question in the November 2022 Insider asked: What makes a difference for you at work? Who at work supports you, challenges you, and makes your work life fun? 

Your responses highlight the importance of balance and connection at work. 

I am a new hire post-Covid, with many years of high-level work behind me,” says one anonymous post. “This is the first position I have ever felt there was not only work/life balance but civility and caring. … I've begun dreaming of staying here for a long time.”

“My colleagues at work are very important to me,” added another employee. “I learn from them, I care about them, and I appreciate how we support one another and collaborate. I may not always agree with ideas, execution, or delivery, but I still respect their roles and ideas and celebrate the differences.” 

More than half of the responses called out managers specifically, how they can set the tone for their team’s good habits, and provide valuable support.

My direct manager is THE best manager I've ever encountered. She's a fantastic coach who helps me find ways to be more effective in my role, and I'm so very thankful for her.”

If having friends at work is important to you, you are not alone. In 2022, Gallup reported that “... since the pandemic started, there has been an even stronger relationship between having a best friend at work and important outcomes such as employees' likelihood to recommend their workplace, their intent to leave and their overall satisfaction with their workplace.” (Read the Gallup article The Increasing Importance of a Best Friend at Work.)

Looking for ways to strengthen your relationships at work? Stanford adjunct professor BJ Fogg led a Manager Forum discussion with people managers on this very topic in 2022 and they brainstormed ideas to help you get started. (Read the article in the Manager Toolkit.)

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