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3 things people are asking hiring managers about working at Stanford right now

In the March Insider, we asked what candidates are asking most about working at Stanford. Here is a sample, plus resources to share.

Posting jobs and interviewing candidates may be different for you in 2023 compared to the last time you had to fill a role on your team. The hiring managers who responded to our Quick Question report that candidate expectations and questions have shifted a bit, reflecting the current work landscape. Here is a sample of what they've heard, and resources you can share with your own candidates.

Is this position remote or on-site?
Helping candidates understand how Stanford defines hybrid, remote, and on-site work arrangements may be a new part of your candidate conversations. 

  • Prior to posting the job, you should decide the potential work arrangement(s) that may be possible for the position, so when writing the job description, be sure to connect with your own manager or school or unit HR. Candidates want to know the expectations and also have an idea of how they’ll interact with others every day, so ideally, the work arrangement is clearly outlined in your job posting.
  • Note: A new feature on the Stanford Careers website allows candidates to filter and search by work arrangements and location, which displays at the top of the job position itself. 
  • For a refresher on current practices at Stanford, and to see definitions of the three work arrangement options, review the Flexible Work Arrangements & Policies page on Cardinal at Work.

How are you creating a connected team environment?
Hiring managers told us candidates are curious about the team culture, how managers support employees’ needs, and how teams balance virtual and in-person interactions. You know your team best; here are some ideas for framing your conversation: 

  • Share your team “norms” as examples: Maybe you’ve generated ideas from Manager Forum discussions like Leading Teams with Creative Workplace Rituals, or you’ve been inspired by the Managing a Hybrid Team resources for Flexible Work. These examples can illustrate how you navigate daily work and needs, together.     
  • Talk about tech: Share the tools your group uses to stay connected; a view of Stanford’s full tech landscape and tips are on UIT’s Work Anywhere page.
  • Meeting rundowns: Share recurring meetings they can expect to feel connected and to stay informed; e.g., 1-on-1 meetings with managers, team meetings, Town Halls, etc. 

What kind of benefits and pay do you offer?

  • For benefits-eligible positions, share the Benefits Highlights flyer with the key components of the total compensation package offered to Stanford staff members. Find the latest flyer on Cardinal at Work.
  • Share the public Cardinal at Work website, where the Benefits & Rewards section is teeming with details on employee programs.
  • Note: As of Jan. 1, 2023, the pay grade and the pay range for what the university reasonably expects to pay for each position is now part of each job posting on Stanford Careers. The actual pay range that you are budgeted for the position is typically much narrower than what is posted and what you can offer may be dependent on job location if the position is remote-eligible. If you or your candidates have questions about job pay expectations, partner with your school or unit HR to understand your job posting’s specifics.